Today we’re going to tour three interiors that illustrate how to use lighting and textures to add extra interest to dark decor. Dark decor can be bold, dramatic and seductive, but it can also fall flat and be downright depressing if you don’t get it right. The trick is to send a little current of excitement though it, which can be achieved by pulling texture out of those walls, and lighting them up oh-so perfectly. There are countless ways you can do this, and this little trio of tours has a good handful to show us. Check out smart black slatted panels, stunning stone feature walls, and some drop dead gorgeous lighting installations.

With an area of 65 square metres, our first home was designed for a young couple located in Reykjavik, Iceland. The interior speaks of cool professionalism, wrapped up in a dapper grey package. Grey slats cut down the living room wall like a pinstripe suit.

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The slatted wall is lit at one end to exaggerate the abrupt change between a smooth plaster wall and the textured section. A sleek black square coffee table is set down on a heavily textured rug.

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