Because it’s such a private and intimate area, the bedroom offers unlimited potential for expressive decor. After all, you can always choose to skip it when giving guests the house tour! This post examines 7 creative bedrooms that took big chances with bold patterns and unusual materials, each one appealing to a different aesthetic. These rooms encourage the exploration of accent wall options like oversized headboards and dramatic lighting treatments, adventurous textures and distinctive decorations – and a few of these techniques are possible to recreate at home.

Gorgeous! This bedroom makes an immediate visual impact with rough textured concrete in a sharp geometric pattern, with oversized headboard panels above and below. Unique pendant lights from Tom Dixon hover above the cantilever bedside tables (also concrete) and a bright patterned rug energizes the color palette.

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Seeing the snowy branches outside really emphasizes how warm and inviting this bedroom turned out to be, especially considering the cold reputation of concrete.

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